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David Pollard – Joint MD and Finance Director of Mull Wind Power
David has a lifetime of experience in the power plant industry. He graduated with a PhD from Liverpool University and began his working life analysing the performance of water turbines. In this role he carried out work on the pump storage machines at Cruachan Power Station. He carried out R & D into steam turbines and gas turbines, and subsequently worked on renewable technologies including solar and wind power. Towards the end of his career, working for ALSTOM he managed a number of major projects for the European Commission with organisations across Europe. His expertise in the financial management of projects comes from his experience at this time. His final project was involved with very large solar projects suitable for electricity production in North Africa for export to Europe.
Following retirement from the Company he has settled on Mull and has been pleased to set up Mull Renewables Investments Ltd with Nigel Burgess who has the experience in small wind turbine projects to complement David’s experience in the large power plant industry.

Nigel Burgess – joint MD and Technical Director of Mull Wind Power
Nigel has long term experience with micro-generation. He qualified in Civil Engineering before moving to Mull 1981. He then established Bendoran Boatyard to service the growing fleet of fishing vessels. The boatyard hauled out commercial vessels up to 40 tonnes and undertook general engineering, fabricating in steel and GRP. The yard also provided moorings and solar heated showers for cruising yachtsmen until 1996.
Nigel was then involved in projects in Scotland and Spain to develop technology for open water aquaculture and is familiar with engineering solutions to match West Coast weather.
In 1995 he installed one of the first Proven 2.2kW turbines on a lattice tripod, which was installed as a reference site and is still working today. He was involved in the early development of Proven turbines and completed the Proven Energy training course for installers in 2009.
He qualified as an MCS accredited installer in 2010 and completed the installation of his a stand-alone 6kW. system in 2010. He attended SMA Sunny Island training before establishing Mull Renewables Investments Ltd and is currently Chair of Sustainable Mull and Iona, a community advisory group for renewables.

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