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MCS – Micro-generation Certifications Scheme

This is the body who set standards and monitor all new renewable energy installations. An MCS certificate is essential to reclaim money from the FIT scheme. Accredited technologies and installers can be found on the MCS Website

FIT – Feed In Tariff

This is a government financial incentive to promote renewable energy. It is available to a wide range of accredited technologies that have MCS type approval. The scheme is explained on the EST website

BWEA – British Wind Energy Authority now Renewable UK

The authority on wind energy, the name was changed in 2010 to include Marine Energy in their remit. This demonstrates that marine energy is riding on the back of wind energy development, a step towards harnessing more predictable marine resources.

NOABL – National database for windspeed

This is a computer model database that gives the Average Mean Wind Speed in 1 km squares for the whole of UK. It is no longer updated by The Department of Energy and Climate Change because there is a new system managed by the Energy Saving Trust.

EST – Average Mean Wind Speed prediction tool (AMWS)

By logging onto the Energy Saving Trust website this tool is found under wind turbines and it estimates windspeed for any given postcode. The data tends to be more conservative than NOABL, so many installers use the average figure from both systems to predict energy returns. Data for financial predictions should be backed up with calibrated anemometer readings.


National Association of Professional Inspectors

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