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    Mull Wind Power is dedicated to harnessing wind energy resources on the Isle of Mull and we provide a full planning service to all users of wind energy, large and small. We offer a range of services including:

  • Consultation and feasibility
  • Analysis of grid connections
  • Tailored energy predictions
  • Financial packages, including hire purchase agreements for businesses with a 3 year VAT record.
  • Scheduled maintenance and repair on all MCS approved wind turbines up to 15kW. If you would like us to carry out maintenance on a machine larger that 15kW, please Contact Us for further details.
  • We are a fully accredited MCS installer of wind turbines up to 15kW. To qualify for Feed in Tariff (FIT) revenue the installation must carry an MCS certificate, which can only be issued by approved installers.

    If you live on Mull and are interested in installing a wind turbine please Contact Us and we will offer you more details. Mull Wind Power will visit your premises free of charge and advise you on the most suitable site to install a wind turbine.

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