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Our company is active throughout the Isle of Mull and is involved in many environment-friendly and renewable energy organisations. We like to keep our customers informed about developments in our Wind Turbine services as well as supporting projects taking place around the UK.

Xzeres 442SR

25th March 2016

The Xzeres 442SR (M) rated 10kW installed by MWP at Fidden Farm on the Isle of Mull passed the 80,000 kWh in March. The machine was installed in November 2012 and after some commissioning problems is now working satisfactorily. The average annual power output is 25,000 kWh. The turbine provides power to the farm and returns surplus power to the grid. The customer benefits in 3 ways:-

1. Each kWh produced attracts a government subsidy, known as FITs.
2. The electricity used by the farm reduces the demand from the grid and hence reduces the cost of mains electricity.
3. 50% of the power output is assumed to be taken back by the grid and the customer is paid a small amount for each kWh

The FITs is paid for 20 years and increases in line with inflation.

1603 - Fidden turbine 1

Photo: Stella Clifford Jones

Evance R9000

14th October 2015

MWP completed the 3rd annual service on a long running Evance R9000, 5kW turbine in the north of Mull. Everything was working well and the small amount of maintenance required was carried out without a hitch. The machine has accumulated 21,677kWh since start up.

85,000kWh exceeded!

28th September 2015

By the 20 September the Xzeres 442SR machine rated 10kW had output in excess of 85,000kWh. The turbine was originally commissioned on 30th November 2012.

Kingspan Energise Scheme

22nd September 2015

If you have a piece of land with plenty of wind, why not take advantage of the Energise scheme, run by Kingspan wind?  Kingspan does all the work and you get the electricity from the machine absolutely FREE.  There are four steps:-

Step 1 – Mull Wind Power and Kingspan survey your site.
Step 2 – If the wind speeds meet the required standard, a contract is issued
Step 3 – We then obtain the necessary planning and grid approvals.
Step 4 – Turbine is then installed and commissioned from as little as 8 weeks from initial survey.

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